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Local Advisory Board

Local Advisory Board Members

Name Type / Role Started Ends Declared Business Interests
Mss Lisa Buffery Executive Headteacher  01.09.20 31.08.23   None
Mrs Samantha Grinham Appointed Member  01.09.19 31.08.2023   None
Mr John Dovey


Parent Member

 04.05.2020 03.05.2024   None
Mr A Oliver


Appointed Member

 23.04.2022 20.02.2026   None
Mrs Juliet Joy Appointed Member  12.05.22 11.05.2026   None
Ms Mia Meek Parent Governor 20.10.2022 24.10.2026  None
Mrs Emma Lester Parent Governor  24.10.19 23.10.2023  None
Mrs Annabel Whitmore Teacher 13.07.2022 12.07.2026 None 
Mr Darren Harris Appointed Member 28.09.2020 27.09.2024 None

Local Advisory Board Chair

The Chair of the Local Advisory Board is Mr Andrew Oliver. You can contact Mr Oliver by email (marked as private and confidential) at or at our school address.

Local Advisory Board Meeting Attendance 2020-2021

Name 06.10.20 22.03.21 15.07.21
L Buffery Present Present Present
G Fox     X
S Grinham Present X Present
J Joy Present Present Present
L Matthews X Present Present
A Oliver Present Present Present
C Reece Present Present Resigned
E Lester X Present Present

Local Advisory Board Meeting Attendance 2021-2022






 L Buffery  Present  Present  Present  

 G Fox

 Absent  Absent  Resigned  
 S Grinham  Present  Present  Present  
 J Joy  Present   Present  Present  
 L Matthews  Present  Present  Present  
A Oliver  Present  Present  Absent  
E Lester   Absent  Present  Absent  

Local Advisory Board Leavers

Name Type Role Started Left

Declared Business


Mrs G Fox Staff Deputy Headteacher 19.04.21 22/04/22 None