Manor Way Primary Academy, Brier Mill Road, Halesowen, B63 3HA
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home learning at manor way primary academy

Home Learning

Each week your child will be expected to:

  • read daily
  • learn their spellings in preparation for their spelling test
  • practice their times tables
  • complete their home learning task.


Your support with reading is really appreciated as when parents or carers create quality time to share a book individually with their child this leads to children developing a much deeper understanding of the books that they are reading.

Rather than reading at home being ‘reading practice’, it should extend and enrich the reading experiences of school. One of the most powerful ways in which parents can do this is to show real enthusiasm themselves. Your sense of excitement about books and stories, your anticipation about what will happen next in a story and a discussion about your own likes and dislikes, will greatly influence your child to love reading and become a lifelong reader.

If there are any questions about your child’s reading please speak to the teacher. Please also remember that ‘Reading Eggs’ offers a huge library of online books that children can read in addition to their library and home reading books.

Children will bring home their reading book and a library book daily.


Spellings will be sent home on a Friday and the spelling test will be on the following Friday.

Home Learning Tasks

  • Each week your child will be expected to complete a home learning task. It will be handed out on a Friday and expected to be returned by the following Wednesday or earlier.
  • One week it will be set by the teacher and it will be a maths and/or English task set and glued into this journal for you to complete. The following week you can choose from the home learning grid a task that you would like to complete. This will continue throughout the term with your child choosing their task on alternate weeks.
  • Children have different interests and different learning styles so we hope that the range of tasks in the grid will enthuse and motivate you to achieve some fantastic learning at home which will both reinforce learning that has already been taught or take you into areas of new learning related to your topic.
  • You can present your work in any way that you would like, including pictures and photographs.
  • When you have completed a task please colour it in on the grid.
  • 2 dojo points will be awarded for every piece of home learning completed in this journal and a certificate will be awarded at the end of the term in praise assembly if home learning is completed weekly and handed in on time.
  • Teachers will mark the English and Maths homework to ensure it is correct and sign and comment on the grid activities.
  • Enjoy and have fun learning at home!

Guidelines for Completing Home Learning

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure we are all working towards the same high expectations.

  • In KS1 please write in pencil.
  • In KS2 please write in pencil up until you have been awarded your pen licence and then you can use a pen to write with.
  • Always draw in pencil.
  • Date your work as you do in school and underline with a ruler.
  • Write the title of your task and underline.
  • Remember to do the best you can and try your hardest -100% effort.
  • If you are sticking photos or things in please do it neatly and present your work with pride.
  • Hand in on a Wednesday.
  • You can always do more if you would like to and earn extra Dojo points.
  • If you have any questions at all please ask your teachers who will be happy to support you.

When completing your home learning tasks, remember to think about your code of conduct and learning behaviours.