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Back to the Stoneage

4th November 2022

Children from year 4 at Tenterfields and Manor Way Primary Academies were treated to an exciting day when Adam the Stone Age man came to visit! 
This was part of our current 'Historical Detectives' curriculum theme.  We began the day with a trip back through time to discover how our earliest ancestors evolved and we enjoyed acting in the different roles.  We spent time investigating the skulls of Homo Sapiens and Homo Neanderthalis to see if we could identify how they were similar and different. 
We learnt how to hunt using spears (don't worry, nobody was hurt!) and found out how Homo Sapiens were ultimately the better hunters due to their stronger social links and ability to learn quickly to solve problems.   We made our own Stone Age tools and created Stone Age art using slate, chalk and charcoal.   We also had a go at firing bows and arrows and found out that hitting the target isn't quite as easy as it looks! 
We finished the day with Adam telling us all about Otzi the Iceman and showing us replicas of the items that he was carrying when he died.  We were fascinated to learn about this incredible find!  
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