Manor Way Primary Academy, Brier Mill Road, Halesowen, B63 3HA
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behaviour and code of conduct at manor way primary academy

Behaviour and Code of Conduct

We have very high expectations of behaviour. We believe that good behaviour is at the heart of a successful school. This is recognised in our Ofsted report, where inspectors state that "the behaviour of students is outstanding".

Children are taught how to manage their behaviour from an early age so that they can make the right choices. We adopt a zero-tolerance approach to bullying.

School Rules for Conduct

the manor way

All the children at Manor Way are taught and follow our simple school rules for conduct, the 'Manor Way':

  • Manners are important
  • Active listening
  • Neat and tidy
  • Others matter
  • Right choices

Great behaviour is promoted with Dojo points, Dojo bands, rewards, postcards, extra play, class celebrations, certificates and other incentives. 

Children are aware of the consequences if they break the rules for conduct.

Learning Behaviours

aspire learning behaviours

We have an agreed set of learning behaviours that we work hard to achieve. This is known as ASPIRE:

  • We are active in our learning
  • We are sure we can improve
  • We are positive in our attitude
  • We are imaginative in our thinking
  • We are resilient when things go wrong
  • We give 100% effort

All children know these learning behaviours and the Junior Leadership Team work hard to support children to achieve these at all times. 

Classroom Behaviour Chart

Our behaviour system is outlined below and is displayed on the walls in all the classrooms.

Ready to Learn

ready to learn

First thing every morning children will all start on the ‘I am ready to learn’ section of the Dojo chart. As they work hard and demonstrate ASPIRE values and ‘The Manor Way’, they will move up the chart and collect Dojo points. The expectation is that children will end the day at the top of the board ‘being the best that they can be’. The children are awarded dojos for being at the top of the board.

Think Again and Make Better Choices

make better choices

If a child forgets how to behave they will be moved down to ‘think again and make better choices’ and expected to move back up quickly as soon as the teacher sees them trying hard and improving their behaviour.

A Yellow Card

yellow card

If an inappropriate behaviour happens again then children will move to a yellow card, have a conversation with the Deputy Headteacher or their phase leader and miss one play. During this play, they will complete a reflection sheet with a teaching assistant.

The child will be supported to reflect on what happened, the choice they made and what they would do next time. The Deputy Headteacher or the class teacher will discuss this with parents.

A Red Card

red card

If another inappropriate behaviour happens then children will move to a red card and see the Headteacher, miss play and dinner and go on report until behaviour improves.

The Headteacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team will inform parents. Some behaviours e.g. fighting, swearing, spitting or breaking school property are immediate red card behaviours and mean that a child will receive a red card and go on report with a support card.

Being on report is a supportive process to reflect on behaviour to reinforce and reward positive behaviours. Students check-in with the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher at lunchtime and the end of the day to celebrate improvements in behaviour and learning. As soon as children improve their behaviour, they will move straight back to ‘ready to learn’.